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Seasonal Contract

You can print off the contract from home or view any information in the contract at any time!

2020 Seasonal Contract (docx)


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Did You Know?

Check with the office for further details or for questions.


Email Address

Please make sure you have an updated email address in our system! We do not send paper bills, so this is how you will receive electric bills and/or other invoices along with any important information directly regarding your site. This is separate from the subscription above. 

Recreational Vehicles (Age)

 We ask that children under the age of 16 are accompanied by an adult while driving ANY recreational vehicle (golf cart, atvs, scooters, etc.) 

This rule will be strictly enforced on ALL weekends.
We realize during the week the campground isn't as busy and therefore this rule will not be as strictly enforced Monday-Thursday with the exception of Holiday weekends. However, we have the right to ask any child to return to their site or park the golf cart immediately if they fail to follow any rules set in place for recreational vehicles or are cause for safety concerns. 

Camper and Golf Cart Washing

Although water usage is included in your seasonal rent, washing your camper, vehicle or golf cart is considered additional water usage. $10 camper or vehicle - $5 golf cart. Charges will be added to your account automatically if caught washing on site. 

Recreational Vehicles (Speed&Behavior)

 All recreational vehicles are required to drive at the set 5mph speed limit and stay on designated campground roads (wooded trails are strictly off limits). We have a ZERO tolerance for reckless driving. You and your party will be asked to park the golf cart immediately. Please abide by the quiet times set for 10:30pm-7:30am by limiting your driving and avoiding loud or excessive engine noise. 

Site Maintenance

 Seasonal Campers are required to maintain their own site by mowing, landscaping, picking up trash and disposing of it properly, etc. Failure to maintain the site according to Management standards will result in $100+ fine or eviction. 

*Please note, these policies listed are ones meant to be highlighted due to them being new or updated. Please reference your seasonal contract for other important info or contact the office with any questions or concerns.*