Activity Schedules


Below is the outline of activities for the current season followed by the upcoming weekend's activity schedule. 

Check out our Facebook page for any changes and other exciting events! (Link at bottom of page)

Please note that all activities are subject to last minute changes due to weather, attendance and any other reasons deemed necessary by Management.

Meet Our Mascots

Reagan Raccoon


 He’s a stinker! Like all raccoons, Reagan enjoys snatching your snacks,  but he also likes to get sneaky and run off with glasses, hats, toys,  and even bicycles. You better watch your possessions around him because  he can be a real fun lovin’ prankster. But, don't worry, when the joke is over he always returns your treasures just as he found them.

Timber Fox


 Our sweet girly girl, Timber loves all things pink, and her favorite accessory so happens to be, you guessed it, her PINK flower. She also adores babies. Don’t be too  fooled however, because she can get just as ornery as her buddy, Reagan. When  the two are together, things can get pretty crazy! 

Woodford the Owl


 The more laid back out of the trio is Woodford. He is happy just to sit calmly  and make new friends through a more polite approach. Don’t get us wrong though, he has a fun side and will show it off daily, but it’s never a surprise if all he wants is a big friendly hug.